BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program – RPGP | Program Displays

The BC Responsible and Prevention Gambling Program uses these displays when presenting to large audiences. The Program Providers set the stage with these 9 ft x 7 ft displays. These displays make for a professional setting and give the presentations a dynamic focal point.

When Gambling isn't Fun Anymore | Clinical Display

When Gambling isn’t Fun Anymore | Clinical Display
The Program Providers use this backdrop display when discussing the Program’s clinical division and its many services and tools.

Maintaining Balance | Indigenous Display

Maintaining Balance | Indigenous Display
The Program has a division for indigenous peoples, and this display is utilized when Program Providers deliver their presentations.

What is Your Gambling iQ? | Prevention Display
Gam_iQ is an educational counterpart to the Program and this display is used when these tools are being presented.

Seasoned Players | Prevention DisplaySeasoned Players | Prevention Display
The “Seasoned Players” display is used when Program Providers are delivering their presentations to older adults.