Marine Plan Partnership
for the North Pacific Coast – MaPP
British Columbia

Brand Development | Web Design | Advertisements | Public Consultation Material

Brand Development

MaPP Brand

To review the full version of the brand’s visual identity guidelines Gary created for MaPP, please click here.

“It has been a great privilege to be included at the commencement of the initiative, and to design a brand that continues to be robust. We are currently moving into the action plan phase.” – Gary Leung

The MaPP initiative is a partnership between the Province of British Columbia and 18 member First Nations that developed marine use plans for B.C.’s North Pacific Coast. They approached Gary to design and develop their brand package and website.

Web Design and Digital Communications

Through Gary’s preliminary wireframe design, he helped determine user-friendly experiences and site functionality with the client. He offered design templates showing brand considerations, web page styles and functionality well before the site’s programming began.


A major part of understanding what MaPP could achieve was through it’s extensive public engagement and consultation. The open houses were held across British Columbia covering the four regions of the MaPP area. They helped to shape the plan, created inclusiveness and shared concerns.

Public Consultation Material