Vancouver Police Department | 2018 Recruitment Campaign

Creative Direction and Graphic Design for Campaign Posters and Social Media

The Public Affairs Director of the Vancouver Police Department reached out to Gary for creative and graphic design support putting together their 2018 recruitment campaign. To capture public interest, it was determined by the client, the campaign would focus on using social media and distributing promotional posters as it’s main advertising source. What was required from the creative direction would be a unified look to each of these touch points, and for the design to appeal to athletes familiar with team sports.

After meeting with the public affairs team, and listening to their concerns and requirements, Gary came up with a creative response that carefully considered each of these recommendations. He answered the brief with an energetic-vibrant approach synonymous with youthfulness. This design approach showed the transference of the skill sets associated with team oriented sports to the police workforce, and translated it through the visual concept of player’s trading out their uniforms.

In the process of completing the campaign to the expectations of the public affairs team, there were conversations with the photographer, crew and models ahead of time in preparation for the photo shoot. On the 2 day photo shoot, Gary was at each of the locations ensuring that the creative remained on track, and he was ready to address any concerns regarding post production work. When the raw photos came back there were over 1,000 images to sort through, and decisions needed to be made on the creative treatment across the suite of portraits. Gary cropped out the backgrounds of each of the individual portraits and composed the shots together into their various configurations.

Vancouver Police Department | Recruitment Poster Campaign


Online Web Animated GIF Sliders

There were 2 online web animated gifs created for social media. Each showing consistency to the creative concept of the uniform transfer from team sports to police workforce. The collection of photographic work was captured over a 2 day photo shoot and provided to Gary as raw files. As part of post production, Gary needed to adjust the colour and take out trademarks on the clothing. What he produced and delivered to the client were clean, web friendly and ready to post animated gif sliders.

Vancouver Police Department | Recruitment Animated Gif Slider A

Vancouver Police Department | Recruitment Animated Gif Slider B