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Parabelle Properties Brand Guidelines

Parabelle Properties Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

The Parabelle Brand Guidelines booklet is a tool to help users understand the brand and correctly use its assets. It helps to communicate these essential brand assets to the Parabelle team internally, and also is a great introduction for third-party service providers to use. The booklet answers the most frequently asked questions and provides a quick reference. Answers to the most vital brand attributes are given to help keep Parabelle’s brand consistent and on-point. Here are a few common questions that are addressed in the guidelines:

  • What are the key colours of Parabelle?
  • How do I match colours to the ones used in the logo?
  • What type of imagery should I use to help brand a marketing piece?
  • Which logo works best for placement on a photograph?

The guideline booklet does address answers to the most important key design questions and approaches – all to create a cohesive and unified brand. There will be many more question that the booklet might not be able to address without the consent of Parabelle, but those conversations will need to be had independently from the guidelines appearing in this booklet.

Logo Design

Gary took a conceptual approach to the Parabelle Properties logo. The emblem section of the logo settled into a deconstruction of shapes, depicting the different rental properties – we see the condominium tower and the traditional “A” framed roof.

Playing on the Parabelle name (“Para” – meaning positioned next to and “Belle” – A beautiful female) this Rose Pink and Wine Purple support the name and are beautifully living in tandem.

Extra Branded Support Provided

There was extra support providing Parabelle branded templates for their stationery, email signature blocks and property exterior signage.

Website Design

Gary worked on the website design blueprint and shared that vision in a series of well documented design recommendations (communicating brand colour, font, patterns, support photography and navigation buttons) with Rentsync (formerly Landlord Web Solutions). Below are some of the guidelines that Gary shared with Rentsync to appropriate into their website pages.

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