City of Vancouver | “Van Proud” Emblem and Brand Design

The City of Vancouver was looking to design an emblem to be used in a variety of events over gay pride – the application of it would appear on signage at public announcements, media advertisements, branded merchandise and on the City’s float for the pride parade. Gary was asked to design the emblem and apply it to over twenty items throughout the festivities and events.

The City of Vancouver wanted to create a theme of togetherness and rejoicing in unity – and that’s when “Van Proud” was born. Gary’s “Van Proud” design shows that at the heart of the community there’s a sense of embracing differences and understanding diversity in a joyful and playful way.

Several slogans were used on the “Van Proud” t-shirts to highlight areas of inclusiveness and celebration, such as equal opportunities, transgender rights and gay athlete rights, to name a few.

City of Vancouver| Van Proud Pride Parade Float

City of Vancouver | Van Proud Pride Parade Float

Another great part of the project was designing the City of Vancouver’s pride float. The client gave Gary directions and requested the City Hall be incorporated into the design. This presented a great chance to play on sharp angles and bold colour, suggestive of comic strip and pop-art culture.