BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program – RPGP | Frank’s Sunny Day Adventure | Book Design and Illustration

“…Frank’s Sunny Day Adventure, part of an initiative of the BC Responsible & Problem Gambling Program (BC RPGP), for use in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms. This resource is intended to be used, along with the accompanying Readers Guide, as a source of discussion for engaging children in conversations about risk taking and decision making. Each scene in the story offers the main character an opportunity to consider his decision to go to the mall despite the advice of friends he comes across on his journey. Points of discussion and the introduction of the characters to the audience is contained within the Readers Guide.”

Frank’s Sunny Day Adventure – BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program | Introduction, Page 1

Having been asked to illustrate this children’s book for the BC RPGP, Gary was both delighted and honoured. The experience has been an incredible and rewarding one. It has reminded Gary just how important the process of a narrative is to share, relate to and learn from. 

Gary’s design process was to hand draw the illustrations and then convert the drawings into digital files where he could then colour within Adobe Photoshop. This technique helped keep consistency throughout the illustrations with the use of colour and brush styles.

The success of Frank’s Story within the Responsible and Problem Gambling Program, developed further into a second story called Frank’s FaceBook Fiasco and a StoryWalk® interactive experience. Please click here to see more of Gary’s involvement with the illustrations and layout designs.