Frank’s FaceBook Fiasco | Book Design and StoryWalk® Illustration Boards

Following the success of Frank’s Sunny Day Adventure, a book published by BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program, Gary was honoured to be asked to illustrate and create the book design for the second story. Frank’s FaceBook Fiasco explores the impacts of online gaming addiction and how to recognize when it becomes a problem. This educational reader continues to remind Gary just how important the process of a narrative is to share, relate to and learn from. 

Gary’s design process was to hand draw the illustrations and then convert the drawings into digital files where he could then colour within Adobe Photoshop. This technique helped keep consistency throughout the illustrations with the use of colour and brush styles.

StoryWalk® Illustrations and Board Designs

The success of this publication grew into StoryWalk®, an activity for families to enjoy while out on a walk. Illustrated boards set out along a trail provided the perfect setting to tell Frank’s story and offered up discussion points of online gaming addiction topics. Helpful information was also available through online QR Codes that linked to the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling website and services.