Patient Pathways | ICE Forms 2020
– with text input fields

Patient Pathways – ICE Forms 2021

The Patient Pathways organization reached out to Gary to help design their digital “In Case of Emergency” forms. One of the key functions requested in the digital forms were easy to use text input fields.

The information manually entered into the forms would be a snapshot of the patient’s pertinent emergency information. These forms are intended to be an essential tool to help with all matters of emergencies, and assist healthcare workers and first responders – informing them immediately of all the necessary, and in some cases, vital patient needs.

ICE Forms 2021 – with digital input text fields

In addition to the forms, a helpful walk-through Guidelines section was created. The purpose of the Guidelines section addresses any questions and gives examples of what types of responses would be helpful to know in the case of an emergency.

Much input and consultation from healthcare workers and first responders had been part of the development of this tool, and this model of the ICE form is being adopted in many other organizations to fulfill gaps that exist in procedures.