Vancouver Municipal Elections 2018 | Merchandise and Promotional Goodies

Branded Tote Bags

In the months leading up to the City of Vancouver’s election in October 2018, there was a focus on building public awareness by offering promotional incentives branded with positive election messaging. The messaging was imprinted on everyday merchandise and novelty items to encourage Vancouverites to participate in the election. The public happily utilized these items to advocate and advertise the event with certain pride and ownership.

The City of Vancouver approached Gary to address designs for tote bags, umbrellas and stickers – to name a few of the products. What he came up with was many vibrant and energetic geometric concepts that proved to be eye-catching and memorable.

Umbrella with map of voting locations printed on interior.

The Vancouver election umbrella had a unique interior – showing the voting locations marked with pins across a map of Vancouver. These election umbrella giveaways were both built with style and practicality in mind, and voters could use them on (or before) election day. Not only were they functional as umbrellas, keeping voters dry, but also the interior map could provide a way for them to navigate to the nearest voting location.

“I Voted!” and “Future Voter” stickers and buttons were offered to the public at the voting locations after they submitted their ballots. Wearing the sticker was a great sign that individuals cared about having a voice in the election, and not to mention a fantastic way to ward-off those party members still canvasing and campaigning around the city.

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