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2014 Brochures

Food Scraps – Brochures and Rack Cards

Food Scraps – Brochures and Rack Cards

In 2014 the City of Vancouver’s move to make recycling food scraps and composting a mandatory process needed to be communicated to the public. Here are the two response brochures they created using Gary Leung’s graphic design.

2011 Pilot Program

In 2011, the City of Vancouver commenced their pilot program to recycle food scraps. Much of the success the composting program had was due to informing home owners what items should be included in their yard trimmings cart, and more importantly, those items that should never be added. Gary’s design sensibilities presented a clear image driven response to the communication pieces. He assisted in art direction of photographic shots, creating many of the compositions and in some cases using his own photographs to complete the pieces.

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